Jill Carter

Visual Artist & Educator


Described as a humanist artist with experience in social engagement projects, my background is in education, health and community art. . Trained in contemporary Fine Art practice, based in Wiltshire, South-West, UK, I am experienced in organising, managing and delivering social engagement schemes, consultancy programmes and workshops. I specialise in arts & health projects which use art as a catalyst for change, working with individuals and groups in community, healthcare, education, museum and gallery settings.  Exploring individual and collective consciousness, my practice bridges artistic, social and therapeutic values, inspiring insight and well-being.  I enjoy unearthing stories, ideas and possibilities, and sharing through digital storytelling – using photographs, journals, drawings, story-boxes, artists books & blogs, together with temporal collections – which I call ‘The Travelling Museum of Possibilities’.

The following pages/posts include an arts & health project called My Time My Space, commissioned by Creativity Works, an arts based agency, based in Radstock, Somerset, who specialise in brokering high quality community partnership projects.  Invited to facilitate delivering weekly creativity sessions for groups of new mothers, an Arts Council funded residency allowed me studio time in Scotland, collaborating with another artist, to explore ideas, develop storytelling materials and imagery which draw upon themes associated with women experiencing post-natal depression.  As one of the mothers said “I think others should know about the stigma of mothers with depression”.

The pages of this blog invite you to share stories, ideas and images about my practice

Contact: Jill Carter, MFA, jill_carter@mac.com, 07866 758602


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